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25 years

Comprehensive laser cutting services

Whether your laser cutting job is large or small, MTS will deliver high quality results. Get a range of services, including prototypes, short-runs, long-runs, and contract manufacturing.


With multiple high speed laser cutting centers, you'll receive fast, high-quality laser cutting from a variety of materials including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, exotic metals, and more. Looking to cut intricate shapes? No problem. Our technology can handle it.

Accurate, cost-effective laser cutting

When you work with MTS, you'll get the best of both worlds: high accuracy and finish, and cost-effective prototypes and parts.


When you need exceptional welding, fabrication, and laser cutting, call the most experienced welders in the industry at MTS!

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Get fast, accurate laser cutting for a variety of materials with huge savings to you. Call today for a quote!

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Laser cutting is fast, flexible and cost effective. In most cases, laser cutting offers significant benefits over short run stamping, wire EDM, plasma cutting, nibbling, water jet cutting, and NC milling.

With lower prices than machining, you'll save big. Ask for a quote today!


Machine Capabilities:     Cutting Capabilities:




Laser systems up to 5000 watts                   -Mild steel up to 1"


Table sizes up to 13.5 x 7                                -Stainless steel up to 3/4"


Small to large lot sizes                                     -Protoypes


Quick turnaround


Quality service